3 days diet

3 days diet

3 days diet...what is it?

3 days diet is not a crash diet like a lot of diets. It is used for losing up weight in a short time. It promises you weight loss in a short time, detoxify of your liver and intestines and more energy. 

Aim: optimalisation of the fat burning. Detoxify liver and intestines.

The human body is made to remove all waste itself. A busy and stressful lifestyle with too much eating and drinking  disturbs this natural process. To help the body to support the internal cleaning, special herb capsules were developed. The composition differs from week to week.


How does the 3 days diet work?

You have to follow the 3 Day Diet accurately. The plan is adhered to for 3 days at a time and is followed by “normal” eating for 4 to 5 days. Then you may repeat the cycle

The 3 days diet is based on the fact that you follow a strict diet for three days and clean your body in the same time.
After these 3 days, you can eat ‘normal’. This patron can you follow for weeks and you can lose a lot of weight if you don’t overeat or compensate during the 4 ‘normal’ days. Many people are successful in losing weight on the 3 day diet plan.


3 days diet meal plan

3 days diet











Advantages 3 days diet

  • Easy to follow
  • 4 normal eating days
  • Fast weight loss in 6 weeks

Try not to overload your body

As a result of our modern lifestyle, the liver and the intestines suffer heavily. Pollution, refined sugars and starch, fat, fuming, alcohol, preservatives, medicines, colourings and flavourings are a real load for the liver and the intestines. Once your digestive system is overloaded, your body gives the following signals: a bloated feeling whether accompanied with headache, tiredness, nervousness, a lack of energy and listlessness or not. Time to clean your body! If the digestion runs well and the intestinal flora recovers, you have a guarantee for a healthy body. Next to the intestines, the cleaning function of the liver and the kidneys is stimulated. By following a specific diet, the organs, which spend the whole day processing the waste of the metabolism, can concentrate on detoxifying and an efficient fat burning. The liver gets the chance to clean the blood and the kidneys remove these substances. The intestinal flora will be recovered. A well-balanced intestine flora is necessary for an efficient metabolism and increases the natural resistance.