4 leaf clover

Slim down with the four-leaf clover

40 different nutrients to stay healthy4 leaf clover

Food has as most important task to provide the body of sufficient and necessary nutrients. The food supplies building materials, protective substances and fuels. For the construction, the maintenance and the recovery of the organism like for the supply of protective substances and energy suppliers, the human body also needs auxiliary substances.

4-leaf clover


Fuels provides the body of energy. Energy is needed for the ‘intern activities’ like breathing, the digestion, the heart function,… and for ‘extern activities’ for example sporting, cycling, working,…

Building materials are necessary for the construction of the body (growth and development) and for the continuous renewal of the tissues.

Protective substances like vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and dietary fibers make sure the organism works well and increase the resistance of illness.

Auxiliary substances. A lot of chemical reactions in the body don’t work automatically. They need help to ensure a fluid and controlled course of events.


Some good sources of building materials which contain a small amount of fuels:

  • Fish and crustaceans
  • Lean white prepared meat of chicken, poultry, rabbit
  • Skimmed mild, low-fat mozzarella, low-fat cream cheese, low-fat yoghurt, buttermilk
  • Eggs (boiled or poached), omelet prepared without fat or sugar
  • Lean prepared meat of beef, veal, lamb, pork,…
  • Beauty Science Shake is ideal as a snack or to use as a meal replacement supplement
  • Eieren, gekookt of gepocheerd, omelet bereid zonder vet en zonder suiker


Some sources of fuels:

  • Potatoes, rice, pasta, pizza
  • Sandwich filling, varieties of bread, cereals
  • Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, whole milk products
  • Eggs prepared with meal and cheese, deep-fried eggs
  • Nuts
  • Crusty snacks like chips, nuts, olives,…
  • All sort of cheese, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate
  • All visible fat: products to spread, fat of the preparation of meat, salad dressing, mayonnaise, double cream, rind,…
  • Oils and sauces
  • Sweet snacks
  • All sorts of prepared meat products


Some sources of protective substances:

  • All sorts of prepared vegetables
  • Fruit till 16 o’clock
  • Especially fruit and vegetable colours the plate. The vegetables are not only low-fat and rich of fibres, they also contain substances which fight against cancer. Research shows that bioactive substances like flavonoids and carotenoids, which give the fruit and vegetable their intense colour, help to reduce the risk of cancer. There is no food that contain all these bioactive substances. Therefore, variation is very important. A colourful plate is not only tasty but also healthy.


Auxiliary substances:

  • Sufficient liquids (besides water you can also drink low-fat milk, low-fat soup, juices of vegetables, low-fat buttermilk, fruit tea,…)
  • Exercising helps to stimulate the oxygen transport to the brains and revitalize the body.
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