Beauty Science diet

Beauty Science diet

Beauty Science diet

Rebuild your body and soul with the Beauty Science meal replacer

The Beauty Science diet gives you tailor-made dietary advice while retaining your favorite dishes and “emotional food” and this without a yo-yo effect.
This is the optimal balance between enjoying, natural beauty and health.

Fine dining is fun but a good health and looking elegant are at least as important. The Beauty Science Method, in combination with our meal replacer, is the optimal balance between both and finishes for good with dieting and the yo-yo-effect. Therefore, the Beauty Science diet doesn’t work with restrictions. The human being is the only animal species that considers ‘eating’ not only as a way to survive, but also as an important contribution to well-being and a pleasant life. This is certainly a way of thinking that needs to be maintained in a diet program. There is no point in avoiding or removing your favorite food if you want your diet to be a succes. In fact, a good balance between eating healthy and enjoying is the central point in our aim.


'Balance' is the  secret keyword

The Beauty Science Program aims in the first place to recover the rhythm between ‘hunger’ and ‘satisfaction’. Besides, it helps you to say goodbye to bad eating habits. For that, the Beauty Science Program aims to supply your body of all necessary building blocks in combination with the right amount of calories to meet an optimal metabolism and fat burning. The Beauty Science nutrition plan is anything but a (wonder)diet, but it is a brilliant guideline to find a good balance between your eat- and food habits.

On our site you can find a lot of information about different feeding schedules so you can choose which one suits you best. Next to this, you can find some tips to avoid a candy attack and different healthy and delicious recipes. Besides, check out our lovely smoothie recipes on basis of our shakes for a wide range of combination possibilities. So dieting is not a challenge but a way of life.



Fat burning on the right places

The Beauty Science diet provides your body the essential and different nutrients to be healthy. All building stones that maintaining bodily functions (breathing, to keep heart beating, temperature control of the body) and all other functions which keep the body alive) are present to run smoothly as far as possible.

Because of the big presence of building stones and no fats and fast sugars, our body call upon the extra fat reserves to release energy.


  • As part of cholesterol-lowering diet
  • Low in sugar dietary advice
  • As part of every diet for body weight control
  • A real hunger suppressant
  • As vitaminboost by a gastric balloon
  • A low-salt diet
  • As part of a very low gluten diet
  • For athletes
  • For vegetarians

Do you want to know how to apply this diet? Check out our portion principles and the Beauty Science Shakes. 

In a nutshell: the Beauty Science diet and meal replacers prevent the yoyo-effect and reduce the hunger feeling. Thanks to the presence of essential ingredients, they also have numerous other health advantages.