Basic diet

Basic diet

Beauty Science Feeding schedule: to become and to remain slim!

This basis diet of the Beauty Science feeding schedule, aims to supply our body of all building blocks with the right amount of quality calories for an optimal metabolism and fat burning. Your body is provided of all necessary foodstuff for the recovery and the maintenance of the body. Because the building blocks are abundantly present, and the absence of fat or fast sugars, the extra fat reserves are not drawn on to release energy and to pass fluidly the body processes.


In practica

If you try to slim, it is important your body gets the right food, without getting back the lost kilos. The Beauty Science Lean shake is the ideal meal replacement – it is easy, tasty and you don(t have to give up your favourite meal. Apply to all your meals the half portion principle. In case of a calorie-rich meal, you better choose for the three-quarter portion principle. You replace the half or three-quarter of your plate by cooked or raw vegetables. They contain, next to vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, water and fibres. These are very important ingredients for a healthy, sleek and slim body.

The combination of the vitamin shake and the half or three-quarter portion principle keep the balance in the rhythm between hunger and satisfaction, so that your automatic nervous system switches over gradually to new and healthier eating habits. Besides, you can control much better the stimuli which incite you to eat sweets, to consume large portions, to compensate your emotions, etc.

Beauty Science feeding schedule

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