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Beauty Science Feeding Schedules

Here you can find the different Beauty Science Feeding Schedules, so you can pick the one you like the most.


Beauty Science diet

The Beauty Science feeding schedules work as follows: replacing 2 meals per day by a low-fat, low-calorific and vitamin-rich meal replacer. The meal replacer provides all the necessary building blocks and the right presence of the abundant amino acids, slow carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, prebiotic fibres, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to this, they are activating the metabolism to fat burning on the right places.

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beauty science feeding schedules

3 days diet

Lose 5 till 10 % of your body weight in 6 weeks with the aim an optimalisation of fat burning and detox of your liver and gut.

The 3 days diet is based on the fact that you follow a strict diet for three days and clean your body in the same time.
After these 3 days, you can eat ‘normal’. You can follow this patron for weeks. Next to this, you can lose a lot of weight if you don’t overeat or compensate during the 4 ‘normal’ days. Because you can eat normal during those 4 days, this diet is not a crash diet.

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Weekend lover diet

Wouldn’t it be nice to lose weight and to enjoy eating? This could be achieved to do your best in the week and to treat yourself in the weekend. You follow the basic diet plan in the week but no longer in the weekend.

Naturally, no chips and in particular not too much alcohol, but you can eat something delicious such as a cookie at coffee time.

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4-leaf clover

To remain fit, our body needs more than 40 different nutrients. Discover here who the 4-leaf clover-priciple can help you with that.


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