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Beauty Science Shake

Losing kilo’s or losing centimeters

The Beauty Science shake helps you in a playful way to your target weight. Our shakes are developed to support the metabolic functions. If it was easy to slim with normal food, nobody would have overweight. For there, the human body needs 40 building materials to optimize the metabolism and the fat burning. It’s exactly for that reason we create the low fat, low calorific and vitamin-rich Beauty Science shakes.

Our Beauty Science shakes contain

  • The right quality calories of all the building blocks that our body needs.
  • A nutrition value of 256 kilocalories (prepared with low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt). The same amount of building blocks is impossible to achieve with the same calories in regular food.
  • All necessary foodstuff for the recovery and the maintenance of the body.
  • No fats or fast sugars

Under Beauty Science we can offer 2 types of shakes: the meal replacement shake and the protein shake.


Losing weight with the Beauty Science meal replacement shake

Our familiar Beauty Science shake is called now Lean Shake. This shake has as main purpose stimulating the fat burning on the right places. Besides weight loss, this shake helps you to maintain your ideal weight. It will make sure there will be weight loss in kilo’s.

With this shake is a convenient way to cut calories, but still get the essential nutrients. The shake helps to block hunger and reduces cravings.


Becoming and reamining sleek and slim

If you’re trying to slim, it is important your body receives the right food without getting back the kilos you already lost. The Lean shake is the ideal meal replacer: it is easy, tasty and you don’t need to give up your favorite food.

The combination of the vitamin shake and the half portion an three-quarter portion principle balances the rhythm between hunger and satisfaction. As a result of this, your autonomic nervous system switches over gradually to new healthier eating habits.

Another positive result is you can control without any trouble the stimuli that insist you to eat sweets, to consume large portion, to get rid of your emotions etc.

Some advantages mapped out:

  • Source of 20 amino acids
  • Source of 11 minerals and 12 vitamins
  • Low-fat and cholesterol friendly
  • No added sugar
  • Rich in fibers – good intestinal flora
  • Source of antioxidants for the ideal detox
  • Gives more energy and vitality
  • Anti-aging – maintenance of flexible joints



Figure modeling with the Beauty Science protein shake

The High Protein Lean Shake contains 65% proteins which are released gradually. This shake doesn’t serve as a meal replacer but is especially developed for figure modeling, in particular weight loss in centimeter. The main goal is to build lean muscle or tone up to become more sleek and slim.

The shake can be used as a quick source of protein before or after exercise. Besides, it is a good source of amino acids in a nutrient dense low calorie formula.


What the Beauty Science Shakes do for you

  • Provide the body of all necessary nutrients to be healthy and fit.
  • Are hunger suppressant and causes a sustainable fat burning thanks to the gradual release of fast and slow digestive proteins.
  • Make sure the intestinal function will be optimally, the absorption of calcium will be better and the absorption of fats and cholesterol will be less thanks to the inulin and oligofructose.  
  • Prevent the yoyo-effect.
  • Give long-term energy.