Can you prevent a burnout or depression with an adapted food pattern?

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Can you prevent a burn-out or depression with an adapted food pattern?

A recent studies in “Knack” showed that “in 10 years’ time, the amount of people suffering a depression has increased with almost 20%. In the meantime we eat too unnatural, too unhealthy and lot more sugar. Is there a connection or not?” “Can you cure yourself from a depression or a burnout with the right alimentation? Are people with a healthy lifestyle more protected against a depression? More and more studies are possibly pointing in that direction.”


Set aside the preprogrammed life

Your lifestyle and eeating habits can have an influence on your mood. Therefore, it is of capital importance to consume all necessary food substances to make sure your body can function in optimal conditions. This is our most important motive in developing the Beauty Science Lean Shake. Of course you can sins now and then, you are finally human, one who wants to enjoy life. But try to compensate the calorie rich days with a ‘balance day’, a day you make sure your body and metabolism can recuperate.

Our Beauty Science Lean shake is the best partner for that. With a whole range of vitamins, minerals and a high concentration of foo- and building blocks, your body gets a boosts. Everything is present to optimize your metabolism.


Think positively

To get out of a depression or a burnout, it is very important not to think negatively. Don’t think too much about what went wrong, focus on what goes well. This approach will bear fruits in no time. You learn to think about the good moments in your life. Don’t expect everything will be solved immediately, but be happy about the small improvements. Be aware of the small things in life that make you happy.

Adapting your eating habits is as well a very lengthy process. If you are going to change your food pattern abruptly, your body will suffer several inconveniences. Don’t abolish the snacks or the “emo-food” in the first place, but try to scale it down so you are going to eat healthier step by step. Enjoying in moderation is no art but a decision you take yourself because you are worth it not to depend on compensation behavior.


Some practical tips for a healthy lifestyle and to prevent a burnout:

  • Chew on something else. Understand why you are suffering eating binges. Sometimes it is enough to eat an apple or a sugar free chewing gum. The chewing itself is most of the time the satisfaction.
  • Think about a distraction. If you want something to eat, do something that doesn’t remind you of food. How irresistible the urge seems, you will notice the eating trigger will disappear.
  •  Be aware of your eating pattern. If you feel an eating binge is urging, try not to stop it but think about it. That ice cream, is it really that you fancy? That sweet/biscuit, is it really that delicious? How many seconds this snack gives me pleasure?
  • Drink 1 time a day a Beauty Science Lean Shake as snack or meal. The present food substances brings balance in your body and mind and prevent the cravings