Water…an essential liquid

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Water…an essential liquid

Water is of vital importance for a good working of our organs. Minerals as calcium and magnesium in the liquid fosters the transport of nutrients and oxygen in our body. Besides, water helps our kidneys with the process of the toxins we consume and subsequently secrete via urine. And there is more: some big glasses of water a day decreases the risk for cardio-vascular diseases, fatigue, digestive problems, joint pains and back pains.


water drinkenHow many litre of water do you have to drink a day?

Humans can survive about a month without solid food. But, we can survive only 4 à 5 days without water. Drinking water excessively to feel healthy is nog the aim. Our kidneys can handle 80cl to 1l of water per hour on average. If you drink too much, you can suffer a water intoxication. The consequences of that are vomiting, headaches and in extreme cases even coma or dead.

Our body have to be fed every day with 3 litres of water to keep healthy. About one litre we take from rest products of chemical processes that take place in our body. One third we take from food. That makes we have to absorb one and a half litre from drinking liquids.


The cheapest diet

Water contains no calories and fill the stomach. Next to this, you have less need to unhealthy snacks and other nutrient that contains a lot of calories. What does water contain? A lot of minerals that keep your body healthy. Besides, water is also crucial to regulate the body temperature. Because, when we are going to get overheat, we will sweat.


Being creative with water

Drinking pure water can soon be boring. But nothing stops you to add a delicious taste. Think about water with orange, lime, mint or lemon. Water does exist in different forms as well like sparkling, light sparkling, not sparkling. Be creative and compose your own water cocktail so drinking water will not be an effort but a pleasure. drinking water