Eating healthy

Eating healthy

Eating healthy doens’t have to be a torture or a difficult task, do it with pleasure! Realize you will become better and more beautiful. Eating healthy is having respect for your body and mind. To find a good balance between your eating- and food habits it is important to have a clear image of the difficult moments and traps. By analyzing the difficult moments and to foresee alternatives, you will reach your aim much faster. It doesn’t make sense to cover up the difficult times. Thinking positively about the new food- and eating habits” is the key to success.


The 3 basic principles of a balanced nutrition

Balance – variation – moderation 

Composing nutrition in an balanced way means you have to find the right balance between the intake of macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, proteins and fibers), micro nutrients (minerals, trace elements and vitamins) and water.

If someone consumes more energy than he uses, there is a big chance that the body weight of this person increases because an energy reserve is prepared; you will thicken. Conversely, when you use more energy than you consume, you will lose weigth.


The active food guide pyramid

The active food guide pyramid gives an idea of what you should eat every day to have enough nutrients. Next to this, the active food guide pyramid makes clear how much you should exercise every day. The dietary recommendations are set up for the average person older than 6 year, who is moderately active and doesn’t have overweight.



Some tips to continue healthy eating

  • Put food that can be a temptation for you in a place you don’t notice. On the contrary, you put food that is healthy and fits in your eating pattern on a good visible place.
  • Accept  you have to follow a healthy eating pattern. Losing weight will be easier and you will keep the result on long term.
  • When you learn to distinguish the feelings hungry, appetite and eating, the inner struggle to eat wrong will become easier. Learn to say “no” to all temptations with strong conviction. In that way, the urge to eat will decrease.
  • Eating rich in calories and abundantly are no synonym for conviviality. Nice music, a cosy atmosphere, healthy and low-caloric drinks and snakcs are also good aspect to make it pleasant.