First aid in case of a candy attack

First aid in candy attack

Causes of a candy attack

A candy attack or binge eating can have different causes. We can divide them in 3 categories:

  1. Psychic/emotions:

You don’t eat to feed your body but to fulfill other needs. You get a candy attack or binge eating to feel nothing, to stun pain, to fill up a feeling of emptiness or loneliness. Suppressing feelings of anger and sadness or stopping with worrying about problems are other causes to have a candy attack. Cookies, sweet, chips,… are as it were, a hiding-place where you are isolated from the world from a moment.

  1. Habits:

A certain situation which is always followed by a candy attack or always the same food with a binge eating. For example: every time during your favorite soap. Your body associates watching television and food. It is logic that you get a candy attack or binge eating when you comes homes and wants to watch television.

  1. Physique:

Binge eating from physical needs because haven’t eaten enough or you have passed a meal.

candy attack


Candy attack: tips to avoid

“I have just eaten sweest. I better can eat more sweets, because this day I already failed.”

Let go such negative thoughts. They cause unpleasant feelings and lead to more stimuli to eat sweets. That’s how you get into a vicious circle. You cannot solve problems with the same way of thinking that create these problems. The next moment is a next chance!

  • Think before attacking.
  • Is that sweet, biscuit really delicious as it looks like?
  • How much seconds this snack gives you enjoyment?
  • Brush your teeth before or eat some peppermint.
  • Think about an alternative and make sure you have cut vegetables or fruit within reach in the fridge.
  • Store tempting and calorie-rich food out of sight.
  • Don’t build up stocks of snacks. If you want to buy some, you better buy snack you family likes but you not.
  • Never eat directly from the packaging. Put a portion on a plate to make you aware of the amount you want to eat. Put together the food to compensate and examine attentively the amount. Do you really need this?

Understanding opens the window to prospect.