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A healthy vitamin and mineral mix

A healthy vitamin and mineral mix Vitamins and minerals pop up everywhere, certainly in combination with healthy food. What are it and what is their advantage?   Vitamins and minerals, what are they? Minerals are inorganic substances which are necessary for the good process for the metabolism. The most appear in the smallest quantities. About […]

Our well played game of this weekend

Our well played game of this weekend This weekend we played a very good match against the Waterloo Warriors. We won with 37-6! It is extraordinary we could do this with a lot of new players, people on a new position, many things to test and a nearly junior team. When I may recommend an […]

Water…an essential liquid

Water…an essential liquid Water is of vital importance for a good working of our organs. Minerals as calcium and magnesium in the liquid fosters the transport of nutrients and oxygen in our body. Besides, water helps our kidneys with the process of the toxins we consume and subsequently secrete via urine. And there is more: […]

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