Gaurana Extract

Guarana Extract

Guarana is a popular native plant in the Aamzon rain forest in Brazil. Guarana seeds aguaranand its powder are similar to caffeine chemically. It has potential effects on our cognition. Traditionally Brazillan use Guarana seed to treat headaches, fever, aphrodisiac, and bacterial infections so forth so on. It increases concentration, enable us to keep a clear head, and ease mental boredom. On the other hand natives also use guararana as a sexual stimulant. When mixed with coffee it can increase the effect of the caffeine, thus giving us extra energy. The active ingrediënt Guaranine is not water soluble and therefore is released into the bloodstream at a much slower rate, providing a longer sustained effect as a stimulant. Guarana slows down digestion, keeping food in the stomach longer achieving a full satisfied feeling long after eating. This plant is also highly beneficial to the heart and encourages healthy blood pressuring levels. Next to this, it is often used in body products to reduce cellulite and to clean and tone skin.

Latin name: Paullinia cupana Kunth

Origin: Brazil

Permitted plant parts: seed and pasta of the seed