Hello summer holiday! Hello holiday kilos? Preferably not!

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Hello summer holiday! Hello holiday kilos? Preferably not!

The last months, we have done nothing else than being attentive on our weight and sporting more than ever to have that ideal bikini body. But once on holiday, we don’t pay attention anymore and we enjoy to the full all those exotic dishes and the southern countries. How can you find the right balance? How can you go on a healthy holiday? Don’t give those holiday kilos any chance!  


holiday kilosAvoid the extra summer kilos

Vacation is resting, enjoying and doing nothing. Idling on the beach with a good book or rambling is charming villages. In the evening cosy dining in local restaurants or organizing a barbecue for friends at home. Enjoying life is central in all his facets. That is okay, but think about the scale as well. Is it going to welcome you with open arms as when you left? Bye bye relaxing holiday feeling!


Enjoying healthy

Don’t go absolutely crazy during the holiday months and try to maintain the healthy life rhythm. In that way, you don’t give those holiday kilos any chance and you keep your ideal weight where you have works so hard for. Maintain the frequency of 3 principal meals and 2 snacks. Take the same portions as at home, even if the buffet looks that delicious. Enjoy with moderation of ice creams, cocktails and sweets. Choose for an exotic or local fruit as snack. Quench the thirst with water. Be economical with alcohol, definitely in hot places, and try a mocktail.


Keep movingvakantiekilo's

The preferred holidays are active holidays. Isn’t that your style? There are lots of other possibilities. During you holiday you have more time. Spend that time useful and include some extra movement. Discover the environment by bike or on foot. Get away from your lounger by the pool and swim some lengths. Be grateful for the steep alleys and don’t pass them without noticing. Play a game of volleyball or ping pong on the beach. Do you normally go for a run around the block? Take you running shoes with you on holiday and maintain your daily rhythm.


Nice holiday!