Hydrolysate Cottonseed Protein

Hydrolysate Cottonseed Protein

Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF is a protein hydrolysate derived from cottonseed by enzymatic hydrolysis. The enzymes used for digestion are from non-animal sources. Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF has been ultrafiltered to reduce endotoxin.

hydrolysate cottonseed protein

Product caracteristics

Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF is an ultrafiltered hydrolysate of cottonseed protein utilising non-animal enzymes. The hydrolysate is a natural source of di- and tri-peptides, trace elements and carbohydrates. Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF is tailored specifically for the biopharmaceutical market and delivers first-rate support for both the growth and expression of product in cell cultures; the product has been shown to support growth in bacterial cultures as well. Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF has been tested and determined to have no residual enzyme activity. Proyield Cotton CNE50M-UF is a homogeneous, tan, free-flowing powder.

Latin name: Gossypium hirsutum L.

Origin: Tropical and subtropical Americas, the Caribbean and some Pacific Islands