Meal replacement supplements: the most frequently asked questions


Below you find more information about the meal replacement supplements.

How many kcal you have to take daily?

This depends on the sex, the age, the daily effort. You can calculate this on the basis of your total metabolism.

How much energy do I need? What is the daily energy need? BMR: Basal Metabolic rate (rest metabolism).

BMR is the speed of which the body uses the energy which is needed for body functions. The BMR uses 70% of our daily energy as fuel for the intern functions of the body.

Age (years) BMR (kcal/day
Men 18-29 15,3 x weight + 679
30-59 11,6 x weight + 879
60-74 11,9  x weight + 700
More than 75 8,4 x weight + 820
Women 18-29 14,7 x weight + 496
30-59 8,7 x weight + 829
60-74 9,2 x weight + 688
More than 75 9,8 x weight + 624


The total energy consumption is a multitude of the BMR


Total BMR Daily activity
BMR + 15% Light activity – not much movement
BMR + 30% Moderate activity – regular movement
BMR + 50% Hard physical activity – training
BMR + 75% Very hard physical activity – very hard training


A body can’t burn fat infinitely, even when someone has a big fat reserve. The amount of fat burning is buffered by the liver or the kidneys.

We can calculate easily the optimal fat burning, from the fat reserve in the body, by dividing the total BMR by 2,5. This gives a fairly accurate picture. (calculated on the basis of the acidification (pH concentration H+ /OH-) which occurs with the fat burning.)

Eg.meal replacement supplements

A person of 40 years, female, length 1m68. She normally weighs 74kg and would like to weigh 69kg.

Basal metabolic rate: 8,7 x 74 + 829 = 1.472,80 kcal.

Total metabolism for someone with a normal activity: 1.472,80 + 30% = 1.914,64 kcal.

Optimal fat burning form the reserve: 1.914,64 kcal = 765,86 kcal.


Calorie intake, daily average: 1.914,64 – 765,86 = 1.148,78 kcal.

To slim quickly and healthy, you can replace à 500 kcal of the 1.148,78 kcal by two Beauty Science meal replacement supplements.

Rest of the calories from normal and healthy food: 1.148,78 kcal – 500 kcal = 648,78 kcal.


When you eat less in hopes of a bigger fat burning, you think wrong. The body will then have shorter amino acid chains (normal grease-free tissue) burning. This results in the yoyo-effect and all effort is reduced to nothing.

What do you need to pay attention to when you buy meal replacement supplements?

The human body doesn’t know the difference between a radical diet and starvation. That’s why it slows down the metabolism and watch it carefully over its fat reserves. When someone stops to slim, the body will maintain for a while a lower metabolism. This means that someone gains more weight after the diet. And the new kilos are stored as fat. As a result of this, the person will end up in a line cycle, losing weight, gaining weight, again losing weight, etc. This only results in a slower metabolism and a higher percentage of body fat. Just for that reason, a lot of diets doesn’t work on long term.

It appears from research that when people start to use a lower caloric food, it is very difficult to receive the complete “cover” of all the necessary macro nutrients (eg. proteins, carbohydrates), micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals), fibers and essential food stuff. In case of a deficit  of one of these necessary food stuff, the metabolism of the body is going to slow down because of these deficits. The meal replacement supplements of Beauty Science prevent this problem because they contain all necessary food stuff.

Why should you choose for a meal replacement supplement of Beauty Science?

If it was easy to slim with normal food, nobody had obesity. The human body indeed needs 40 building blocks for an optimal metabolism and fat burning. Exactly for that reason, we work with the low fat, low caloric and vitamin rich meal replacement supplement of Beauty Science ®. In our shakes we don’t add synthetic coloring agents, preservatives, salt, sugar, aspartame and starch.

In addition, the Beauty Science meal replacement supplements ensure the fat burning on the right place.  All necessary building blocks are present to make sure the body function (breathing, beating of the heart, regulating the body temperature) can be maintained and all other functions which keep the body alive can pass optimally without deficits. Because the building blocks are abundantly available, the body doesn’t experience the diet not as a starvation and the extra fat reserves to release energy to guarantee a smooth process are used.

The proteins in the meal replacement supplements are not simple proteins. They are chosen very carefully. Not only the serve as a source of protein, but also to serve as a source of the whole spectrum of amino acids. That is how the amino acids are released gradually.

All factors are present to have an appetite suppressing effect and a maximal fat burning.

And afterwards?

As guideline you can calcutate yout total metabolism of the achieved weight. Try to eat as varied as possible (see four leaf clover).

Try to keep your eating habits in balance. Alternate a day on which you eat more with a day you eat less and exercise more. Eating less or nothing the next day is not healthy. The next day or meal you can choose for a Beauty Science shake. These contain all necessary building blocks and is low in calories.