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Energy Expenditure and Body Composition

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Whether the goal is to lose body fat or increase lean muscle mass, it is imperative that athletes and physically active individuals follow a well-designed exercise training

program in combination with a decrease in caloric intake but keep the protein intake.

Nutrition, in sufficient amount and substance, is crucial for healthy growth and development of the skeleton and surrounding tissues, especially in physically active people and athletes.

The blends can also be used to fortify your meals. We provide tips and ideas for preparing delicious recipes like smoothies, meat replacers, sauces, soups, cakes, ice cream, pancakes, etc...

The Beauty Science blends are characterised by the presence of nutritional requirements that formulas must meet in order to bear EU and FDA nutrition and health claims. The used claims are substantiated by scientific evidence.

Characteristics of our Beauty Science Blendseye of the tiger

Top Supplements made by combining vegetarian high quality whey, plant sourced protein, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to improve body composition for aesthetic reasons or athletic performance.
Nutrient Dense Foodsupplements for Supercharging a Healthy and Active Lifestyle.
The high quality natural ingredients provide a wealth of nutrient density to increase lean muscle mass and to decrease body fat.

Carefully chosen ingredients supported by official claims for the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol concentrations, normal liver function, blood glucose concentrations, normal energy-yielding metabolism.
Synergistic well designed formulation Vegan and Vegetarian Certified to support tissue and joint repair
• joint mobility,
• maintenance of connective tissues,
• muscle function and neurotransmission,
• maintenance of bones, hair, skin and nails.

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Suitable for Weight Management, Program Matching and Today's Expectations

Lean Shake 50% - Meal Replacer

Lean Shake 65% - High Protein, Low Calorie - Joint Support

Whey Candylicious - High Quality Fast Protein

Suitable for vegetarians, flexitarians and omnivores