Play-offs Ostend Pirates

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Play-offs Ostend Pirates

After this Sunday we have secured our place in the play-offs. It is the 4th time in a row the Ostend Pirates can compete for the Belgian Title in the play-offs. As a 2 times semi-finalist and 1 time winner of the Belgian Bowl, I can say this was the hardest run we ever had. Our team, missing about 10 starters comparing to the championship-team of last year, is doing fairly well with a lot of rookies and junior-players. My experience can be used the teach these new players on the field and make them better so we can have a brighter future as a sport and as a team

Personally I finally played at the same level or even better as before my triple back-operation and paralyzation in my left leg 3 years ago. My continuous efforts in the gym for mobility and strength aren't missing their effect. Also the given supplements of Cosmofarma are supplying me with enough energy, proteins and building materials for my body. Even the special blend for recuperation my joints and relieving the pain there was a success. 

Now after the game I take 2 days off, so my beaten body can recover. Wednesday I can start again with gym and team-training. Important gym exercises are Deadlift, bench press, military press, squat, weighted lunges and especially the clean and jerk. While training do them explosive and repeat quite quick (recover time less than 2 minutes) or in super-sets with other muscles so your body can adapt to high-intensity game situations. You can find more gym exercices and training videos on my blogpage.

Here you can watch the highlights of our match against the Brussel Tigers.

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W = win

L = Loss

T = Tie

PF = Points made

PA = Points made by opponents