Portion Principles

Portion Principles

Droping out all your favourite food is not a good idea. Eating less of it and completing the volume with fruit and vegetables is very workable without starving. Apply for every meal the portion principles (half or three-quarter portion), because combining high-calorie meals and snacks with a half portion or a three-quarter portion of vegetable, your hunger-appetite feeling and your saturation rhythm will be reprogramed to new and healthier eating habits. Discover more about the two different portion principles.


portion principles

Half portion principle

In the half portion principle, you fill the half of your plate with vegetables. You subdivide the other half in a quarter of boiled potatoes or pasta and a quarter of lean meat or white fish. Below you can find a list of all the foodstuff which you can combine with an equal portion low-fat prepared or raw vegetables.

  • Boiled or steamed potatoes, potato puffs, whole groats pasta, brown rice. Mashed potatoes or vegetables.
  • Wholemeal bread, black bread, brown bread, brown knäckebröd, wholemeal Dutch rusk.
  • Boiled egg, poached egg, omelette cooked without fat in an non-stick frying pan.
  • Cottage cheese, Leidse cheese 20+, cheese spread 20+, fatless cream cheese, soft or hard cheese with max.30% fat, fatless mozzarella, fatless fresh cheese.
  • Fatless yogurt (with or without fruit), pudding or custard with skimmed milk, fatless cream cheese.
  • Low-calorie bouillon or soup, thin soup.
  • Cooked trout, mussels au naturel, oysters, crab, lobster, scampi’s, shrimps, tunny fish, canned fish ‘in own juice’, boiled and not coated fish: ray, plaice, turbot,…
  • Lean ham, filet americain, turkey ham, rolled chicken meat, chicken breast, lean rolled meat, smoke-dried meat, roast beef.
  • Steak, veal, rib of beef, roast beef, lean braising steak, lean pork cutlet, chicken breast, fillet of turkey, chicken without pelt, roe, hare, pheasant, partridge, rabbit.
  • Boiled tofu and tempeh, soya.
  • Barbecue sauce, tomato ketchup, soya sauce, fatless juice, salad dressing with max.10%  of oil.


Three-quarter principleportion principles

Limit your portion of high-calorie food. You don’t have to drop out fries, chips or other energy dense delicacies, but you can make combinations of low-calorie meals to make sure you don’t feel hungry. You fancy deep-fried potatoes or a pasta with a rich creamy sauce? You better eat ¼ of the plate of this meal and replace ¾ by a salad or stir-fried/steamed vegetables. The fibres of the vegetables don’t only assure a feeling of satisfaction, they also reduce the intake of fats. Below you can find a list of all the foodstuff which you can combine with an equal portion low-fat prepared or raw vegetables.

  • Fried and deep-fried potatoes, potato puree (with butter), dishes au gratin, chips, pasta with eggs, croquettes, baked rice.
  • Chocolate spread, coconut slices, jam, peanut butter, chocolate confetti, muesli, cornflakes.
  • Croissant, cheese bread, garlic bread, white bread, pastry or product made of puff pastry, brioche, raisin bread.
  • Olives in oil, peanuts, pistachio nut, cheese cubs, sausages, assorted nuts and raisin, hazelnuts and all other nuts.
  • All whole milk products.
  • All sorts of pastry, chocolate, sweets.
  • Main course soup, thickened soup (with cream), rasped cheese, crouton, fat meat, sausage.
  • All sorts of oil, butter, crème fraiche, mayonnaise, margarine, double cream, bacon fat, sauces (cocktail, tartare, béarnaise), vinaigrette, fat juice, sour cream, salad dressing with 50% of oil.
  • Preserved or dried fruit.
  • Eel, canned fish ‘in oil’, coated of deep-fried fish, mackerel, fish salad.
  • Minced meat (half and half), intestines, coated or deep-fried meat, all sausages, poultry with pelt, coated meat substitute.
  • All sandwich filling with mayonnaise.
  • All prepared dishes, pizza, pasta with meat- or cheese sauce.


And what about drinks?

Water, light soda’s, coffee and tea without sugar or creamer, fruit juices,… can be drunk unrestricted. To slim, you can better choose for mineral water which is not rich of sodium, but which is rich of magnesium and sulphates. Pay attention to the etiquettes: they always mention the mineral composition. Don’t drink always the same water, especially not when it contains a lot of minerals. Use frequently another mark to alternate the intake of the minerals.

With regard to alcohol, saccharine drinks, coffee or tea with cream,…: 1 glass + 3 glasses of water. Alcohol delivers 7 calories of energy per gram. A glass of wine can be nice, but as foodstuff it has no value for our body. Alcohol gives us ‘empty calories’. These calories are turned over in fat and are piled up in our body. Some mixed drinks even gives us more extra calories, owing to the added sugars. Moreover, alcohol is responsible for a retarded destruction of the fat from food. With man, the fat sets in the belly (the so-called beer-belly). With woman, the hips and the thighs will be wider.