• Pre-Workout formula
  • Creatine
  • BCAA’s
  • NO Booster
  • Turmeric black pepper
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Vegan certified BE-V2018.043

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Aeye of the tigergilbooster is made of vegan capsules to support agility training: to react quickly with rapid whole body movement with change of velocity or direction in response to a stimulus. Supports anaerobic lactic and anaerobic alactic training. Vegan certified BE-V2019.067

Agilbooster is a well-balanced blend of L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE), Vitamin-Mineral mix, L-citrulline, L-carnitine,  Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Dioscorea batatas Decne, Curcumin extract, Piper nigrum, to support agility training. Agilbooster is optimized with Choline Bitartrate which has a role in the production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter that affects the peripheral nervous system (muscle contraction) and the central nervous system (arousal and sensory perceptions). Additionally, the mix supports quick decisions on the field and has a mind-muscle connection in order to optimize performance.

A closer look to its key components:

BCAAs: they bypass the liver and gut and go directly into the blood stream, they can be used as an immediate energy source during your workouts.

Valine and isoleucine are considered glucogenic amino acids, meaning they can be converted to glucose and serve as an important energy source during exercise to help fight off fatigue during exercise.

L-LEUCINE in the BCAAs is considered an essential amino acid that must be obtained from the diet and cannot be synthesized in the body. Amino acids are often viewed as building blocks for the synthesis of proteins in the body. Leucine is much more than a building block and can signal cells to begin protein synthesis or muscle building. A cell-signaling pathway known as mTOR is responsible for initiating protein synthesis. Leucine is thought to act somewhere in this pathway, enhancing the pathway’s signals and causing it to increase production of proteins (Pasiakos & McClung, 2011).

Creatine = Ergogenic Aid. Creatine is stored primarily in skeletal muscle as creatine phosphate (CP), where its main role is to restore adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which can then be used as an energy source to support muscle contractions (and possibly to help reduce lactic acid accu­mulation).

Vitamin B Complex = for Boosting Energy Levels. Most of the B vitamins play a critical role as cofactors in cellular energy metabolism. Cofactors can be thought of as “helper nutrients” that assist chemica! reactions. For example, the process of glycolysis, which converts energy stored as glycogen into glucose molecules, requires vitamin B6 and biotin.

L-citrulline is synthesized from the amino acid glutamine within the intestines and plays a part in a series of biochemical reactions important for the removal of ammonia. Ammonia is a byproduct of both anaerobic and aerobic exercise that at high levels can negatively affect the production of energy, thereby leading to fatigue and reduced performance.

Choline has a number of significant roles in the body, including neurotransmitter synthesis, cell membrane signaling, lipid transport, and homocysteine metabolism (Sanders & Zeisel, 2007). Most important for athletes is choline’s role as a precursor in acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) synthesis with a vital role in muscle contraction.

Iron, a trace mineral, is a major component of hemoglobin, whose role is to transport oxygen from the lungs to the muscles via the blood. Some research has shown that aerobic exercise creates an added demand for iron. Without enough iron in the blood, the body becomes starved for oxygen; ATP cannot be properly synthesized, leading to pronounced feelings of fatigue and limiting work capacity.

Adaptogen and herbal mix = to improve cognitive function and prevent cognitive decline. Also these standardized phytochemicals act also as an antioxidant preventing free radical damage. Finally, they have a beneficial effect on mood, resulting from its antidepressant attributes and its ability to improve the handling of stress.

Ayurveda support. To keep the body healthy in order to handle the tremendous stress of daily work load, pollution in the air and fast moving environment. Every formula contains a very balanced mix of phytochemicals.

Vitamins and minerals play a central role in sustaining and extending healthy life span, enhancing sports performances, and offsetting the challenges of advancing age. We combine a spectrum derived from whole food ingredients fortified with additional vegan vitamins and minerals (Choline Bitartrate, B6, B12, D2, H, L-Methylfolate, Calcium & Iron). The focus lies on dosing strategies that are documented to be safe and effective to improve performance or to influence the chronic adaptations. Netto weight: 64,71 g 30 Servings biolabel vegan

Supplement Facts

agilbooster support agility training anaerobic lactic anaerobic alactic

Allergens and Warnings

Ingrediënten: L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE), Vitamin-Mineral mix, L-citrulline, L-carnitine, Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola, Dioscorea batatas Decne, Curcumin , Piper nigrum, Powdered Cellulose. Packed in Vcaps (Hypromellose, Yellow Iron Oxide, Titanium dioxide) Allergens: For allergens, see text in bold in the list of ingredients. Manufactured on equipment that processes products containing active ingredients derived from celery, gluten, lupin, nuts, sesam and soy. Warnings: Consult a physician before starting any nutrition or exercise program or if you have, or have a family history of, including but not limited to, high blood pressure, heart problems, liver, kidney, thyroid, or psychiatric condition, diabetes, asthma, headaches, nervousness /anxiety, ulcers, or if you are using prescription drugs, or over the counter drug. Do not exceed recommended serving. Discontinue use if you experience an allergy from one of the ingredients. Do not use when you are pregnant or when you give breastfeeding. Keep out of reach of children. This product should not replace healthy eating, or make up for unhealthy eating and may not replace a healthy lifestyle. Packed under protective atmosphere. Store in a dry and cool place. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep well closed after opening and use within 3 months. Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.

Directions of Use

Consume 3 capsules with a large glass of water 30-40 minutes before competition. For use as a daily supplement taken throughout a competitive season, split  into 2 doses so that 2 are taken 30-40 minutes before exercise and another 1 is  taken at bedtime, preferably on an empty stomach.