• Energy & Vitality
  • Superfoods
  • Essential amino acids
  • Vitamines & Minerals
  • Ayurvedic herbs
  • Omega 3-6
  • Vegan certified BE-V2018.044

CNK-code: 3746377


eye of the tigerNutrifuel is made of vegan capsules to support energy,  increase stamina, extend endurance and to revitalize. Vegan certified BE-V2018.044 Nutrifuel is a well-balanced blend of Spirulina, Aloe Vera, Vitamin/Mineral mix,  Acerola,  Acai Juice Powder, Mangosteen Powder, Omega 3-6,  Ashwagandha,  Gotu Kola, Curcumin extract and  Piper nigrum. Nutrifuel is optimized with antioxidants from different sources to play a role in limiting the production of unstable molecules called free radicals. This protects the body’s cells from damage during heightened periods of stress, including exercise stress, and may lend the athlete protection against excessive inflammatory stress and immune breakdown that can put a damper on performance. Nutrifuel contains many important nutrients, including all of the essential amino acids (those which the human body cannot produce), vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and alkalizing phytochemicals. A closer look to its benefits: Nutrifuel is a time released formula to provide energy to the body in an “all natural” form, with a good bioavailability. The term “bioavailability” generally refers to the ease that any particular nutrient can be accessed and absorbed by your body. In order to maximize the potential of Nutrifuel the formula is fortified with a vegan blend of Vitamins, Iron, Calcium, Omega 3 and 6. The use of superfoods like spirulina, Mangosteen, Acai and Acerola provide anti-oxidants and help to alkalize the body, thereby promoting greater energy, immune support, and less pain after profound exercise and training. Spirulina and Aloe Vera also provide an extended release of essential amino acids and nutrients. Essential amino acids are called essential, because the human body cannot manufacture them itself and therefore must receive them from food. Commonly referred to as the ‘building blocks of life’ they are absolutely critical for healthy functioning bodies. Vitamins, Calcium and iron are nutrients that provide energy to the human body. Ayurveda support: To keep the body healthy in order to handle the tremendous stress of daily work load, pollution in the air and fast moving environment. Every formula contains a very balanced mix of phytochemicals to boost every serving size to support a full and vibrant life. Vitamins and minerals play a central role in sustaining and extending healthy life span, enhancing sports performances, and offsetting the challenges of advancing age. We combine a spectrum derived from whole food ingredients fortified with additional vegan vitamins and minerals (Choline Bitartrate, B6, B12, D2, H, L-Methylfolate, Calcium & Iron). The focus lies on dosing strategies that are documented to be safe and effective to improve performance or to influence the chronic adaptations. The whole foods are non-GMO nutrient-rich plants grown in controlled farms and they are harvested at their peak and immediately raw processed. Netto weight: 59,40 g 30 servings biolabel vegan

Supplement Facts

nutrifuel for more energy

Allergens and Warnings

Ingrédients: Spiruline, Mélange de vitamines et de minéraux (Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamine C, Fer, Zinc, Vitamine B6, Vitamine M, Vitamine H, Vitamine D2, Vitamin B12), Oméga 6 (GLA) (d’Onagre), Poudre d’algues (Oméga 3 (rapport DHA 2,7 / EPA 1) ), Bitartrate de choline, Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal (Ashwagandha), Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. (Gotu Kola), Curcuma longa L., Anti-agglomérant: cellulose en poudre (E460), Piper nigrum L., Emballé en Vcaps (coquille: hypromellose (E464), Colorants: oxyde de fer jaune (E172), le dioxyde de titane (E171) Allergènes: Pour les informations concernant les allergènes, consultez le texte en gras et souligné sur la liste des ingrédients. Ce produit est fabriqué dans une usine ou sont également traités des produits contenant des ingrédients actifs dérivés du lait, du céleri, du gluten, des lupins, des noix, du sésame et du soja. Arrêtez de consommer le produit en cas de réaction allergique. Avertissement:

  • Ne dépassez pas la dose recommandée
  • Ne convient pas aux enfants moins de 12 ans. À conserver hors de la portée des enfants.
  • Consultez votre coach santé ou votre médecin avant d’utiliser des compléments alimentaires ou de commencer un programme d’entraînement.
  • Déconseille aux femmes enceintes ou allaitantes
  • Ce produit contient des ingrédients qui puisent avoir une interaction ou qui sont déconseillés en quelques cas – lisez dons très attentivement les informations ci-dessous:
    • Curcuma longa: consultez votre médecin ou pharmacien en cas d’utilisation combine de anticoagulantia.

Directions of Use

The use of Nutrifuel supports not only essential nutrients for more enegery and vitality but at the same time it will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving workout intensity and recovery time. Take in between meals 3 capsules with a large glass of water. Various portions and ratios can be used depending on the workout intensity and duration. During endurance training and exercise the  muscles become acidic which leads to fatigue. Increased use of muscle glycogen for energy produces lactic acid, pyruvic acid, and CO2, which decreases muscle pH. Accumulation of acid also limits the production of ATP, the energy molecule, and disrupts enzyme activity that produces energy. Subtle changes in pH can have profound effects on the overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, ability to train and athletic performance. Muscles work best in a narrow range of Ph. At rest, muscle pH is about 6.9, while arterial blood is about 7.4. As the body metabolizes food, acid waste is created which must be removed or neutralized through the lungs, kidneys (urine) and skin. Maintaining a healthy pH balance and acid buffering is crucial to human health and performance.