Breakfast  is one of the most important meal of the day that you absolutely can’t skip.

Breakfast ensures that you can start the day with enough energy you need for a good functioning of the sympathetic nervous system and the resulting mental alertness.

Check out here some easy breakfast ideas.



In the afternoon, it is recommended to eat a warm meal. This creates a high energy level to get you through the rest of your day. And what is more, you still have a great part of the day to burn the calories

Be sure to try these savoury dishes!



Try a low-fat soup, a low-fat grouper with vegetables and a Beauty Science shake as dinner. In case of extreme hunger, you can drink the shake first. The composition of the dinner is focused on the supply of all the building blocks with the right amount of calories for an optimal metabolism and fat burning during the night.  It supplies the body with all the essential nutrients for the recovery and maintenance of the body.

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Beauty Science shake

The Beauty Science shake is the ideal meal replacement: it is easy, delicious and you don’t need to give up your favorite food.
Read here more about the function and advantages of the Beauty Science Shake. Our shakes don’t have to be boring, discover here how you can bring variation.

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