Don’t give these stiff muscle any chance! What you have to know about rheumatism

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Don’t give these stiff muscle any chance! What you have to know about rheumatism

Hearing the term ‘rheumatism’ we think in the first place of older people who have trouble with stiff muscles and painful bones and joints. Nevertheless, rheumatism has many faces and does not only strike seniors but also fit people in their thirties and even children.


What is rheumatism? rheumatism

Rheumatism is a collective name for all diseases and disorders which are linked to pain and/or deformation in joints, muscles and bones. Besides, you can categorize rheumatism in two big groups. On the one hand you have arthrosis, alias damage of the joints. This is a process associated with aging. On the other hand, you have inflammatory rheumatism, like arthritis, which is caused by deficits in the immune system.  


No rheumatism is equal to another

All these types of rheumatism have a different cause. Arthrosis is the most often, especially by persons over 60, as a result of getting older. But also overload can be an important cause. A lot of top athletes for instance, have at the age of 40 the same knees as someone of 80. Besides, overweight is also a culprit. And unfortunately, the cause can be due to heredity. That is also a major cause for arthritis. For that, arthritis isn’t an age-related disease.


rheumatismCan it be cured?

Unfortunately, rheumatism and all other types are cannot be cured but can be treated. The faster the diagnosis can be made, the better it can be treated and the more suffering can be avoid. Thanks to this treatment, the patient can keep functioning normal in daily life. You can take action yourself. Eating and living healthy are crucial here. Losing weight in case of overweight, stop smoking, eating varied and healthy, taking daily exercise so muscles and joint stay flexible, etc. these are just some examples that can ease the pain.