Vegan Sport Supplements

Vegan Sport Supplements: notified and certified

Because we believe in sustainability, we focus with our new line on vegan sport supplements. We offer a wide range of plant based vegan supplements suitable for any vegan. In general, for everyone who follows a fit and healthy lifestyle.
Vegetarian or vegan shoppers are always on the lookout for clean label protein sources that will help them meet their daily requirement in a healthful, ethical and environmentally-friendly way. These vegan products are suitable for vegetarians and omnivores as well.

Secondly, we notify and certify our new line of vegan sport supplements.  

Furthermore, our vegan sport supplements and also health supplements  are:

  • Soy free
  • Antibiotics free
  • Doping free
  • Pesticides free
  • No heavy metals
  • Responsible quality
  • Non GMO

The vegetarian and vegan sector continues to be one of the fastest-rising demographics today. Therefore, it's important to cater to this important demographic with quality and integrity.
More and more professional athletes are turning to veganism to help save the environment.
More and more athletes, even those who are not full-time vegan or vegetarians incorporate plant-based supplements.
They can meet the demands of high-volume training (strength, endurance) and competition (+ recovery) with our products.   

V-label certificate 2019
V-label certificate 2019

Vegan sport supplements: our new line with 89 different ingredients

As a result, we made 27 different vegan sport supplements formulations in different flavors. In addition, our products come from 89 different ingredients.
Most of all are plant based. Some active ingredients are lab synthesized because some of them can’t be extracted from plants.
Furthermore, we work with hydrolyzed protein and starch for having the best bioavailability and a fast absorption ration.
Also in this area, we made 100% sure that the used enzymes are from non-animal source.

To have a competitive price and to make sure we have the best ingredients directly from the source, we need to buy rather big quantities from some ingredients. We also adjusted our other 3000 sport formulations with some non-animal actives. For example, you won’t find L-arginine from ducks in our portfolio. Also, you won't find L-cysteine from human hair in any of our formulations. The launching from this new line was a process which had his mark on the whole company.
And if we look back, it was all worth it.

We produce our products with strict policies againt animal testing.

Each product is guaranteed cruelty free. It  contains next to high quality ingredients our passion, dedication, experience and knowledge. These supplements are suitable for everybody: vegan, vegetarian and omnivore  athletes who want to supplement their diet with responsible quality.

V- Label on sport supplements

All our vegan/vegetarian products have a V-label which means that our products do not contain animal ingredients, like meat stock or gelatin. It also guarantees that the the additives (E-number and aromas) are not derived from killed animals or offal. The used eggs are not derived from battery cages. With the V-label, you are completely sure that the products fitts in a healthy and animal friendly nut

A variant of the V-label with subscription "vegan" means that the product is also veganistic.

For more information, please check this website:


For the capsule form we use the V-caps which are the first generation of vegetarian capsules.

  • Kosher and Halal certification
  • Certified by the Vegetarian and Vegan Action Society
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Preservative free

They have a stable and robust performance. They are ideal for herbs and botanicals, minerals, combination ingredients as well as hygroscopic ingredients.


  • Low moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredient
  • Physically stable polymer is resistant to stringent heat and humidity conditions

V capsules

Vegan sport supplements: why making this?

Our mission and values: innovation and continuous focus.

We export worldwide for several years our products. Our products and their individual ingredients are well documented for customs and biosecurity. 
We are not on a mission to boycott  every single animal ingredient. We love science. Therefore, we strongly believe in responsible quality. The sources of some products simply don’t fit in our great respect for mankind, animals and nature.
This was the start of our journey.  We assemble a portfolio of vegan sport supplements. These vegan sport supplements have most of all plant derived and also nature identical lab synthesized ingredients. We want to avoid unnecessary cruelty and creepy sources of ingredients. That's the reason why we developed a vegan based sport supplement line.

Patience is a virtue. Budget is a blessing

We put a lot of effort for developing high quality vegan sport supplements. As a result, we work on every detail to make sure it meets the conditions of the highest quality standard of professional athletes.

It was not easy to create formulations which genuinely supports effective exercise nutrition. Our search for the right ingredients and to harness the power of nature and science took some time.

We accomplish this fantastic project with some time. We needed to spread the research and development budget over 2 years. Every ingredient went through a lab test to measure the most potent strains. We also wanted to make sure  that there were no impurities, animal DNA.
Furthermore, we needed to know the final nutritional and bioavailable values.

In conclusion, we are proud to present our newest vegan sport supplement line. And we hope you enjoy it as much as we had the pleasure creating it for you.