Which type of eater are you?

Which type of eater are you?

Before you can start to slim, you first better think about which type of eater you are. If you know that, you can choose the diet that fits you best and you can adapt better your eating habits. Depending on the eating behavior, we can distinguish five types of eaters. Your eating behavior can also be a combination of several types. Curious about which type of eater you are?


the vol;ume eater beauty scienceThe volume eater

You are a real foodlover. During the meals you eat mainly with ‘a healthy appetite’ because you like tasty and a lot. Skipping a meal? You would never even think of it! as a real bon vivant, you appreciate every taste and you make it very plain by eating everything on your plate. Even a second serving does not scare you at all. Volume eater like hot snacks, meat products, sauces, potato dishes, etc.

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The in between eater

As in between eater you love chocolate, chips, ice cream, biscuits and snacks. For you, easiness is more important than taste. You do not like big meal and a hot meal is not a must. You rather prefer little snacks spread over the whole day. If you choose for a real meal, you always end it with a dessert.

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The foodlover

You like lingering at the diner-table with family and friends. Eating and drinking without thinking, the foodlover beauty scienceexceeding amount of food,… You love qualitative good products and exciting combination which you try very grateful. In particular, you are very impulsive in doing the shopping. You are easily tempt by tasty and surprising products. Life is one big party! You always have enough food in stock to make a wonderful festive meal appear.

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The emotional eater

You really have a love-hate relationship with food. You eat to make disappear your emotion. For that, you associate food with feelings of guilt and shame. You alternate periods of super healthy dishes and eating binges whereby you eat as quick as you can without tasting. Eating and food stand for remuneration, safety, consolation and love. You fill up social, psychological and emotional gaps with food.

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the multitaks eater beauty science

The multitask eater

You are busy, busy, busy. You eat while you are doing other things. Multitaskers like you eat while driving a car, at their desk, while watching tv… On one hand to gain time, on the other hand to avoid the atmosphere of real meals. For that reason, you eat on irregular basis. Sometimes you make sure de quick snack is justified. You like ready-made sandwiches, reclosable packs.

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